What Arduino represents to our comunity?

Because of Arduino is an open source plataform that involves computer systems programming and electronic hardware systems, that interact simultaneously and allows you to measure real world variables, given in some type of electrical signal for processing them with an algorithm that produce a reactive action of the system, to get an automation application that solves some problem or create an oportunity for inovation.

Arduino is important to our Academic comunity, because it allows us to learn and go beyond many limits, even against economic constraints, that are a matter of fact in the technological development.

Another benefit of this plataform is the open way we can use and achieve a solution by diferent ways of thinking, this fact teaches significantly, when you analize the "do's" and "don'ts", because the diversity of solutions that exist, like some genetist said, "when you could see multiple viewpoints in a problem context, you could reach the best solution in less time than if you only learn one way of doing things".

The price, flexibility, sturdiness, of the diferent SHDK boards are amazing in an environment of a high probability of doing something wrong, like connect something in a bad way +- -+, and other kind of bad handles because of ignorance of a concept, that let us Learn again the proper ways of doing something.

So for 10 years about the Arduino platform, our Arduino user comunity could say "We Love Arduino!"

Miguel Pérez, Student 4th, Mechatronics (2014)

Departamento de Eléctrica Electrónica Mecatrónica